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Viruses and BodyTalk

Gino had been in Puerto Rico, where he had fallen ill. He was experiencing nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain. He had seen an M.D., who had prescribed anti-microbial drugs. After taking them for a week, however, his symptoms had not improved. His first BodyTalk session found two viruses and one infection. Following the treatment, Gino experienced significant improvement within hours. The second treatment, five days later, found one more virus. Three days after that treatment, he was completely back to normal.
A 40-year-old woman diagnosed with Hepatitis C had complaints of low energy, depression and susceptibility to illnesses. After her first BodyTalk session, though, she couldn’t wait to report back how she had cleaned her apartment for five hours without feeling tired. After another year of BodyTalk treatments, her liver count was normal and, most importantly, her viral load had decreased by more than 50 percent. She told her practitioner that she feels as though she finally has gotten her life back.
A client with HIV/AIDS came in for his fifth BodyTalk session complaining of diarrhea and bloating – both side effects of his medications. After treatment, he came to his next session to report that he had experienced very little bloating and his bouts of diarrhea had decreased. As an added benefit, he recently had had his blood checked, and his viral load had dropped from 62,000 to 11,000, and his T-cells, which had been at zero for the two years, were up to 80.
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BodyTalk and Neurological Disorders

A patient who had a neurological disorder called blepherospasm for more than five years says the affliction “is now gone after seeing a BodyTalk practitioner several times.” The patient adds: “There are thousands of people who suffer from this disorder who I think could be helped, too. There is no known cure and the only way to live a semi-normal life is to get Botox injections every six to eight weeks.. This is painful, possible harmful, costly and never really made the symptoms go away.”

Frank, 50, suffered a stroke six years ago. He was paralyzed on the right side, yet still able to get around by dragging his foot. He was unable to use his right hand and arm. The arm had atrophied into a wing-like position with the hand completely curled in and the thumb tucked under the fingers. After multiple BodyTalk sessions over a three-month period, he now is able to straighten his arm out and use his hand to assist in daily activities. His right foot is still slightly turned out but is slowly moving back into the correct position.

A 70-year-old man came to a BodyTalk practitioner suffering from a chronic trigeminal neuralgia. He was in so much pain that it was hard for him to keep his eyes open and his head up. By the end of the session, however, his pain was reduced dramatically. By the next morning, it was gone, and it has not returned.
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BodyTalk and Physical Injury

A 48-year-old woman who had torn her Achilles tendon playing baseball added BodyTalk to her medical regimens, hoping for improvements in her condition. After only one BodyTalk session and only three days, she felt significantly better. Today, she is able to play baseball again and live without pain.
A young woman had aggravating pain in her left hip that radiated into her lower back. The pain had been chronic for two weeks and was interfering with her exercise routine because it hurt to run or perform any type of high-impact movement. Even walking was uncomfortable, and massage alone hadn’t seemed to help. Her massage therapist, who also is a BodyTalk practitioner, encouraged her to combine the two processes to provide faster, more long-lasting relief. Two days after the treatment, the practitioner reports, the client “called to say she couldn’t believe it and that she was amazed! She had woken up the day after her session with a 70-percent reduction in pain and discomfort, and the following day, she reported a 90-percent improvement! Her closing comment was ‘I believe in BodyTalk!’”
A young woman who had broken her tailbone was unable to sit and could get no relief from the worsening pain. After one BodyTalk session, she reported mild improvement in the pain. Then she had a second. Reports the practitioner: “When we saw her a week later, she put her hands up in the air and told us that it was a miracle. Her tailbone had gone from excruciating pain to just a little bit of an ache.” She then “plopped down on the couch,” sitting comfortably and smiling.
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BodyTalk & Allergies

Here are some case studies about BodyTalk and common allergies:

A 38-year-woman with severe dairy allergies and migraines turned to BodyTalk for relief. After just three treatments, she was able to enjoy ice cream and grilled cheese sandwiches, and her once-frequent headaches had disappeared.
A 30-year-old woman had always stocked up on antihistamines in September, due to a serious allergic reaction to pollen. Exacerbating the problem was the huge pollen-producing tree outside her apartment. After one BodyTalk session, her pill intake was cut in half, and she could open her windows to enjoy the fall weather.
A 25-year-old university student had seasonal allergies that made her life miserable, especially when she got summer jobs working outside. She was getting weekly allergy shots and was taking antihistamines daily. None of that helped, and she continued sneezing and being congested. After receiving a series of BodyTalk sessions, her seasonal allergies were totally eliminated.
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Why Do We Need BodyTalk?


The body has built-in mechanisms to initiate the healing process.   If we cut ourselves, the body immediately sets up a process to start healing the wound. This occurs at several levels – physical, emotional, and mental.

A problem facing the body today is in the way our lifestyles interfere with the natural processes of the body.


Physical stresses including physical injuries
Emotional traumas
Chemical substances contained in food , water, and air.
Exposure to artificial energy fields that exist within our society and the electronic devices that we use on a daily basis.

These factors compromise the communication networks or energy circuits of the body. It is critical that these systems be perfectly balanced for the body to effectively coordinate the billions of synchronized activities per second that are necessary to maintain optimum health. The body only fails in its job because its communication systems have been severely compromised through the external stresses of life.
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About Dr. John Veltheim

Dr. John Veltheim

Dr. Veltheim, a native Australian, has been aware of body energy fields since the age of 8 when he took up martial arts and Zen Meditation. At age 13, he began practicing Transcendental Meditation and later taught the philosophy behind martial arts.

John went on to become a licensed doctor of chiropratics as well as a doctor of Chinese medicine, traditional acupuncture and natural therapy. He had no idea that these activities were forming the foundation for remarkable breakthroughs soon to unfold.

His success in chiropractics and Chinese medicine led John to become the academic chairman for the entire chiropractic profession in Australia, as well as becoming the principle director for the College of Chinese Medicine and Natural Therapies in Brisbane. As his reputation spread, his practice grew to the point where long hours with patients caused him to become stressed and overworked. He ended up in a hospital connected to life support systems with very little hope of survival.

John had contracted Epstein Barr virus and his liver was so badly damaged that he was given less than a week to live. He checked himself out of the hospital and went home to practice everything he had ever learned about alternative healing. He was soon up and around, but recognized the need for a drastic change in life-style. He sold his practice and began teaching stress management, philosophy and Reiki around the world. The next few years were spent lecturing, despite a constant high fever and chronic fatique, and he continued to explore every method of alternative healing available.

While in New Zealand, he met an osteopath who was familiar with his reputation. She had been practicing a new technique with patients suffering from viruses and was seeing amazing results. John accepted her offer for treatment and three days later, the Epstein Barr virus and a six-year long high fever was gone.

Dr. Veltheim was given all the information known about this technique and was urged to develop and teach it. The more he explored, practiced and taught the technique, the more the possiblities for refining and expanding were revealed.

Today, John resides in Florida where he has developed an alternative approach to health that has become known as the BodyTalk System. (see International BodyTalk Association) He teaches all over the world and continues to be receptive to the continually evolving and ever deepening applications of this technique

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More Answers to Your Questions!

Is BodyTalk safe?
BodyTalk is totally safe and non-invasive and involves rebalancing the energy systems of the body. There is nothing harmful in any way.

Practitioners do advise that BodyTalk is not a substitute for conventional medical care, and there may be times when consultation with a physician is required. In emergencies such as a car accident, where the body is in crisis, the natural healing process may be too slow, and skilled medical intervention will be necessary.

Does BodyTalk or energy work interfere with other medical treatments?
No. BodyTalk can be used as a complementary or stand-alone health care system. No medications are contraindicated. If anything, BodyTalk can enhance other treatments and require fewer of them.

Will it help my specific problem?
Because we are asking the body what it wants and needs, chances are that your specific issue will be addressed, but in a way that may not be obvious to you. The symptom is your pain or dysfunction, but the underlying disharmony may originate elsewhere. The body always tells us how and where to start. That is called ‘priority’. Also, if your body knows that your heart needs balancing prior to the issue you came for, we will address your heart as a priority.

What is so important about ‘sequencing’?
The body knows how and where to start the process and to lay the foundation to
support further communication. For example, before dealing with a liver cleanse, your small bowel may need to be better balanced to handle the effects of the cleanse. Your breathing cycle may need to be opened up before working on a painful muscle.

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More You Should Know

What happens during a session?
You will lie face up on a massage table and relax. The practitioner will place their hand on your body and set up the neuromuscular feedback of yes/no answers. The practitioner will then ask your innate wisdom a series of questions following the BodyTalk protocol. The practitioner may or may not speak out loud while asking.
Once your body/mind indicates the priority areas (links), you and the practitioner will place your hands on those areas. The practitioner will then tap lightly on your head to let the brain know what to repair and then tap lightly on your heart complex to store the information and carry it to the rest of the body.
At the end of the session, the practitioner will ask if and when a next session is indicated and discuss the findings with you, so you can book the next appointment if indicated.

What does it feel like during a BodyTalk session?
Most clients report a sense of relaxation. The body is grateful that someone is finally asking it what it needs and wants so that it can heal.
You may feel energy shifts, you may feel some emotions, you may have insights, you may feel sensations or you may not feel anything. It is all normal.

Is there any preparation?
Wear loose fitting clothes of natural fibers.
It is recommended that you do not wear an underwire bra. You may disrobe to the extent you feel comfortable (but not necessary).
You will be asked to remove metal jewelry and accessories before and during your session.
If possible, plan a little downtime after your session. Your body will be processing and shifting some of its patterns. Some people feel more energized after a session.

Are there any side effects or after effects?
Afterwards, your body will be processing the results of the session and you may feel like resting.
You may also feel energized post-session.
Most patients immediately notice a greater sense of well-being and relaxation after the treatment. They feel more at peace with themselves and often report sleeping better, having more energy and feeling more balanced.
BodyTalk involves tapping into the innate intelligence of the client before treatment. Consequently, the BodyTalk practitioner is always aware of what the client’s body can safely deal with at any particular time.

Therefore, not surprisingly, the clinical findings of BodyTalk therapy have shown that the system is totally safe. By virtue of the BodyTalk treatment protocol, the human body will not allow the practitioner to treat them for a condition unless it is perfectly safe to do so.

There are, however, some healing symptoms that may occur in certain cases. For instance, if a client’s body is ridding itself of a virus, flu type symptoms may occur until this process is complete. Symptoms could also appear for a short time after treating parasites, toxins, and emotional releases. These are always short-lasting, and as stated above, the innate intelligence of the body is always questioned by the practitioner beforehand to ensure that the body is capable of dealing with healing the particular condition.

Finally, insulin levels may need to be monitored after a blood sugar balancing treatment if the client is a diabetic. BodyTalk practitioners know to never treat blood sugar on a diabetic unless the client is capable of monitoring and adjusting their own insulin levels.

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What Happens During BodyTalk?

How do you communicate with my body?
We use a subtle form of neuromuscular feedback, usually using your hand or wrist. We set up a control question to make sure we are getting proper yes’s and no’s from your body. We usually don’t talk out loud at this point so as not to involve your conscious mind. Please don’t ‘help’ the practitioner by moving your hand.

Do you touch me?
Yes, unless you are not comfortable being touched. The practitioner will generally place a hand on your bare belly and a hand on your wrist. Once the areas asking for attention are identified, you and the practitioner will place your hands on those areas.

How should I dress?
In loose comfortable accessible clothing. Please wear natural fibers as lycra and other synthetics can interrupt energy flow. Some techniques are best done with skin contact, say knee or hip.

How soon will I notice results?
Most clients notice a feeling of deeper relaxation and groundedness after the first session. Your body will process the information from the session over a period of time. You may feel immediate results or they may unfold over time, depending on the condition and how long it’s been part of you.

How many sessions will I need?
Again, it depends on your condition and the state of your constitution. We usually recommend a series of 4 to 6 sessions. However, at the end of each session, the practitioner asks your innate wisdom whether and when a next session is needed. It could be in days, weeks or months or ‘check in as needed’. It is your body/mind complex that is giving the answers. Your body knows how long it will take to process the results of the current session and when it needs to work on the next priorities. Best results are seen when you follow the guidelines and trust the process.

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Who Developed BodyTalk?


The BodyTalk System™ was developed by Dr. John Veltheim who practiced for over twenty years as a chiropractor, traditional acupuncturist and Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Reiki Master. His post-graduate studies included applied kinesiology, bioenergetic psychology, osteopathy, sports medicine, nutrition, counseling, cranial sacral therapy, and comparative philosophy. He also ran a very successful Acupuncture College for Traditional Chinese Medicine in Brisbane, Australia for many years. Originally from Australia, he currently resides in Florida.

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