Posted by: powerhealer | April 25, 2008

The Fundamental Concepts of The BodyTalk System of Self Healing

Let’s recap what we learned this week about BodyTalk and how it works.  Here are 5 points that you will want to remember about BodyTalk:

  1. The Body/Mind can heal itself without the need of chemicals and in many cases without surgery
  2. Muscle Biofeedback is used to communicate the answers to pain and poor health
  3. BodyTalk is the catalyst or spark needed for the Body/Mind to balance and operate as nature intended
  4. The patient is the empowered Self-healer
  5. The practioner is the facilitator, not the healer

An essential concept to understand about BodyTalk is that the work that the practioner does facilitates the results and are often miraculous.  Remember, it is not “seeing is believing” with BodyTalk, it’s BELIEVING IS SEEING. 

Withou increased awareness and a willingness to be open minded the results that do occure will remain invisible to you if you retain doubts, fear and a closed mind.

Once you try The BodyTalk System, it will change the way you look at healthcare forever!

Have a HAPPY & HEALTHY weekend.


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