Posted by: powerhealer | June 18, 2008

BodyTalk and Physical Injury

A 48-year-old woman who had torn her Achilles tendon playing baseball added BodyTalk to her medical regimens, hoping for improvements in her condition. After only one BodyTalk session and only three days, she felt significantly better. Today, she is able to play baseball again and live without pain.
A young woman had aggravating pain in her left hip that radiated into her lower back. The pain had been chronic for two weeks and was interfering with her exercise routine because it hurt to run or perform any type of high-impact movement. Even walking was uncomfortable, and massage alone hadn’t seemed to help. Her massage therapist, who also is a BodyTalk practitioner, encouraged her to combine the two processes to provide faster, more long-lasting relief. Two days after the treatment, the practitioner reports, the client “called to say she couldn’t believe it and that she was amazed! She had woken up the day after her session with a 70-percent reduction in pain and discomfort, and the following day, she reported a 90-percent improvement! Her closing comment was ‘I believe in BodyTalk!’”
A young woman who had broken her tailbone was unable to sit and could get no relief from the worsening pain. After one BodyTalk session, she reported mild improvement in the pain. Then she had a second. Reports the practitioner: “When we saw her a week later, she put her hands up in the air and told us that it was a miracle. Her tailbone had gone from excruciating pain to just a little bit of an ache.” She then “plopped down on the couch,” sitting comfortably and smiling.

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